Attari Wagah Border Post

The Drama of the Attari border Crossing:

I can’t think of anything that I have witnessed that matches the drama and spectacle of the daily ceremony at the Attari border crossing on the Indian Pakistan border.

Every evening there is an elaborate ceremony that culminates in the lowering of the national flags and the closing of the border gate.


The Attari Wagah gate is on the grand trunk road , approximately 30Km north of Amritsar, and is a major trade route between India and Pakistan. In fact, it was the only road crossing between the two countries until 1999. Typically, over five hundred lorries a day make the crossing.

The border gate
Lowering the Flags


The Ceremony:

Every evening hundreds of people make there way to the border, particularly from the India side, to take their seats in the grandstands and enjoy the party.

The warm up act above. The cheering from the crowd was intense and really was a great build up to the main event.


Some of the pageantry of the ceremony itself in the video above. These soldiers have amazing physical attributes with their ability to lift a leg well above their heads. Try lifting a leg horizontally in front of you! Not many people can do that.

Some have compared the ceremony to a display by birds of paradise!

Getting to the Ceremony:

As a result of the tension that exists between India and Pakistan there is a great deal of security at the border. There are numerous security checks of, both the car, and all the individuals as you make your way to the border crossing. Also, clearance needs to be gained before the visit and details of the car provided.

I would strongly recommend that you work with a local agent that can ensure all the logistics are in order.

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