Periyar National Park Visit

Periyar National Park Boat Trip

We had visited three other, superb, national parks whilst on our four week India tour but we could not resist dropping in to one other, Periyar Park in Kerala. We had arranged for a boat trip and, I have to admit, our expectations were fairly low, so I am delighted to say the visit was excellent and so much better than we expected. In fact, we spent a magical few hours watching a great range of wildlife, birds and mammals, from the comfort of the boat.

Periyar National Park Boat trip

            The animals seemed completely undisturbed by the launches as, I assume, they had become completely used to them.

The first thing we had to contend with was the queue to get to the boats. In the UK we tend to queue politely in line, being very fair. In Italy there tends to be a huddle around the target point. In India it is more of a mad scramble but the best advice is to stay calm and not get involved. If you have tickets you will get on the boat.

Wildlife Viewing

The crew on the boat were very friendly and courteous and helped us on board and to get seated. Scattered amongst the passengers were a number of wildlife spotters who were amazing at seeing the animals, always pointing them out before we had seen them, despite our best efforts with binoculars. The boat trip was fantastic from start to finish with some really beautiful animal sightings. The family of otters at play was a real highlight as were the elephants cooling themselves at the edge of the reservoir.

            We saw large groups of Gaur (wild cattle) as well as wild boar and samba deer. The bird life was also spectacular.

The park offers walking treks which I have not experienced but are highly rated. I am keen to try one on a future trip as the walks I have experienced in African parks have been fantastic, as you are able to really get a feel for the bush and see, hear, and smell so much more.

Interested in visiting have a look at our guide on Indian national parks.

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